About Our School

Anmol Jyoti is a Secondary English Boarding School where ethical and spiritual values are central. Our values are expressive of human wisdom, informed and animated by contemporary ideals of teaching and learning. We have an outstanding record of 1st class result in all our SLC/SEE batches from 2064 onwards. Our tradition of education has distinguished history spanning over two decades. Anmol Jyoti has all the facilities required for the educational enhancement of a student. We educate students using modern technologies and are equipped to provide them with all the facilities related to
sports and academics.

We believe in nurturing independence and providing the right support to enable students to develop confidence and respect. We provide a diverse and rich environment in which students become independent, thoughtful and proactive about their abilities and responsible for their achievements.

Anmol Jyoti’s facilities embody its collaborative institutional culture. Uniquely among other schools, student spaces are interspersed throughout the physical capacity, rather than segregated in separate areas. The integrated facilities create an atmosphere that allows for easy interaction and engagement among faculty, students and staffs. There is plenty of opportunity and time given to sports and all students are encouraged to participate. Scouts form an integral part of our learning structure. The school also offers furnished computer lab., science laboratories and a perfectly managed library. There is provision for student medical centre and counseling where students are provided with physical and psychological care.

Extracurricular activities help students learn new skills and refine old ones. We offer a variety of extracurricular activities to match the diverse interest of our student body. These opportunities enable each student the ability to explore new areas of interest or talent while meeting new friends and learning valuable skills for the future.

The activities are designed to broaden and develop the mind and body. Students have regular opportunities to visit museums, exhibitions and theatres and sports are an integral part of our program. The school holds and takes part in competitive fixtures against other school in sports like basketball, football, cricket, martial arts, athletics so on and also conducts inter-house activities that range from sports to academic like spelling contest, quiz, debate, elocution, 3 on 3 basketball, badminton, swimming etc.

We acknowledge the unique individuals that our children are, their diverse abilities, their distinct personalities, their interests and their culture and we aim to provide exciting and engaging leaning activities that will meet their needs today and prepare them for tomorrow.

Why Choose Our School

“To Serve is Divine”, as our Motto is, I am confident that Anmol Jyoti will prove itself to fulfill its
social responsibilities and groom each individual to become a smart and confident citizen of Nepal who will go out into the world and make us proud.

Scholarship Facility

Anmol Jyoti School scheme shall be provided on the merit basis and the need basis.

Teaching Methodology

Anmol Jyoti School focuses for the holistic approach in education. We try to articulate among brain.

Book Library & Store

Anmol Jyoti School is committed to provide technology and laboratory in the school.